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Uploaded on June 20, 2010 by My Better Guide -- Gold Farming Guide in Farmville

FarmVille is popular application on Facebook which allows you to have a virtual farm. With using this application we can plant crops, reaping them, raring animals, and others to manage the running of the farm day to day.

Firstly playing this Farmville, I really didn't get this game and farming didn't really appeal to me much. However, I gave in and decided to try it and it actually kills the boredom quite nicely. It's very addicting as well and on several occasions throughout my day. I've found myself wondering if my crops are good enough to harvest yet.

Anyway, in Farmville, coins were very easy to earn however the farm cash or dollars were not. While playing this Farmville game, you will see the tab of "Add Farm Coins & Cash". You can click this tab to making REAL money online, that are available on FarmVille.

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