Trailer Tom Gets His First Valinor Multiball LOTR


Uploaded on June 20, 2010 by trailertom
Some say Valinor Multiball is the most difficult wizard mode to start in pinball.
After playing Lord of the Rings since it was first released back in 2003 and not starting valinor multiball until last night, I would say Valinor is definitely top 5 most difficult modes to get going. With the help of my custom Stern Pinball/Lord of the Rings pinball T-Shirt, I started Valinor Multiball. I finally did it, and it only took me 7 years! Lucky for me Ffej Knar was there to capture the moment on film.

The machine I achieved this accomplishment on was basically set up PAPA style, that is, legs jacked up in the back and down in front, freshly waxed playfield, SUPER tight sneeze tilt, wide open outlanes and no rubber on the inlane posts. No bang backs. No chance to wicked shimmy the outlanes. About the only thing non-PAPA about it was yes EB's were turned on, but I did get almost all the requirements to start Valinor in the traditional 3 balls.

The Fellowship of the Ring movie multiball was the most difficult for me to complete during this game because of a short in the moving Balrog. Only a perfectly placed hard hit to the lower right side of Bolrog would register a hit, and even then the hit register was spotty at best.

I had a couple of horrible warm up games and then I got in the zone and started nailing all the shots. All 3 movie multiball modes complete, all 7 gifts from the elves, there and back again complete, then destroyed the ring. I was able to start 2X scoring before I started Valinor multiball and the 2X scoring lasted throughout the entirety of Valinor. I know I got 20M for destroying the ring. Going into Valinor I had 377M. Valinor Multiball gave me roughly 200M and final score of 510,875,940 was good enough to earn grand champion. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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