Chefs Choice 130 Sharpener


Uploaded on June 23, 2010 by Ashley Lambert

sharpener works excellent professional-Quality honing on virtually any blade, from gourmet kitchen knives to hunting knives--Even serrated blades can be sharpened by using this particular unit. For prime-Quality blades, there are actually 2 sharpening and honing stages, which utilize 100 percent diamond abrasives, as well as a final sharpening phase. Each phase utilizes accurate position leads in order to produce a unique Trizor-Plus edge for optimum sharpness as well as longevity, while a magnetic collects residue and so the unit is easy to clean and keep. Although a sharp knife is indeed a safe knife, it really is sensible to utilize extreme caution with the newly sharpened knife, as they are going to be sharper than you expect.

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