Dance 360 Epic Dance Man White Chocolate EP2D1 [HD]


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Dance 360 The absolute FUNNIEST, HYPEST, HAPPIEST dance show on the planet. The fiercest dance gladiators face off for 360Bucks and a XBOX..not a 360Xbox a REGULAR ONE. Intense Head To Head Battles. Clashes of Belly, Bboy, Hip Hop, Irish, Krump, Tap dancing. To be honest.. I never seen an old bald white guy crip walk before this show. Dance 360 will make you a happier person.

The show is Bonkers period. Dance 360 was hosted by Fredro Starr and Kel Mitchell with DJ K-Sly providing the beats for the dancers.The dancers were selected from the audience at the beginning of the show, and they competed one-on-one, with the winner going on to the next round. They were judged by the level of audience applause. In addition to the prizes awarded, the winner was also given the last few seconds of the show to give "shout outs" to friends and family.

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