Project Mindwell: Task # 003: Capture the Flow (RichardStep)


Uploaded on June 27, 2010 by RichardStephenson
What/Purpose: TO become more aware / conscious of the unconscious flow of information that is perpetually coming out of you and to write them down.
Why: The creative process / information that is floating around / creativity is a skill and needs to be exercised or that veritable "muscle" will atrophy.
Have you ever had an idea or a thought that would really make things easier right now? Did it come then? No... it came later, when you didn’t need it. This exercise will make it easier to have easier access to this stream of information. Your exercise of recording information will increase your sensory acuity to the flow of information. This will make the process easier, more fulfilling, and more accessible.
Use some form of data recording device, I prefer a pocket paper notebook - though a smart phone would work, to write down/mark down all thoughts, ideas, brainstorms, silly inserts, to-do's, et cetera.
It is also important to note that the ideas and information you use *can* help act as stimuli for future creative endeavors, whether your own someone else's. This is a very key point as you will never be able to fully understand your influence on the world.
Give the recording process a shot for 3 weeks minimum and please share your results, thoughts, and suggestions! Thank you for watching!

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