Happy Aquarium Working Level Hack


Uploaded on June 28, 2010 by YvetteHayes

Download Link File: http://monsterfilemove.com/PhungLinewcogua579840/Aquarium

This is a guide that will show you how to get XP with cheat engine 5.4 on Facebook

1: Open Cheat Engine 5.4 and Happy Aquarium
2: Click on the computer icon
3: Find firefox.exe or explorer .exe (depending on your browser) and click OK
4: Type the number of XP you have
5: Click on the First Scan button
6: Go back to Happy Aquarium and earn some XP
7: Go back and type the number of Xp you have
8: Click on the next scan button
9: Click on the last number and then click on the red arrow
10: Double click on the value and change it
11: Click on frozen
12: Go back and earn some XP again

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