Top Best Goals Review in 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup (10)


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The football FIFA World Cup is second only to the Olympics as the biggest tournament in the world. In the past,it has showcased such players of the caliber of Baggio,Pele and Maradona and rarely have they disappointed,all three scoring some memorable goals.Every four years, the world's greatest sporting event rears its head and this summer, it is in the wonderful country of South Africa.South Africa will be the first African nation ever to host the World's largest single sports event.It is bigger than the Super Bowl, bigger than the World Series, bigger than the Tour de France, bigger than the F.A. Cup, and bigger than the Premier League. Just to put it into perspective, the last World Cup in Germany in 2006 was watched by approximately 716 million viewers for the tournament and 260 million viewers alone for the final between Italy and France.The Super Bowl in comparison can only claim 98 million viewers. No mean feat for America's most popular sporting spectacle, but in comparison the World's favorite game overshadows it by a country mile.However, to get everyone in the mood, we have selected my favorite World Cup goals of all time.In 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup,there are also many good goals showed to us.

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