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Grey Duck Production's 'The Telephone Game', due to hit the festival circuit in September 2010, shot using no script, with all dialogue improvised by the cast. Matt Oakey, who plays sets which can bridge Funky, Electro, deep, Underground and Dirty House, presents 'Little Noise', featuring remixes by Nev Scott and Saint George, from the sound stable of Toronto based music producers, Padded Cell Productions, that creates sound experiences in trance, electronica, ambient music and more. Jayen Varma, awarded recognition as World's Fastest Bass Player in 2008 by the Registry of Official World Records (Record Holders Republic) USA & UK, and for developing Indian Slap Bass, is based in Kerala, India. In 'Beyond Love' director Vince Bosco stars with Kristina Nguyen, John McNulty, Cindy Cayrasso and Emile Weber. MegaRex, the Brazilian band out of São Paulo that mixes Pop Rock with Brazilian Popular Music performs ' in the video. MegaRex makes a limited time offer to the public to download their music for free at MegaRex's site or Sonicbids in return for introducing two new people to the band.

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