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Uploaded on June 30, 2010 by Apexezine

http://www.apexezine.com Our Clinical Insight section has an article by Dr Richard Charon, who has been administerering Relative Analgesia (RA) to his patients ever since he qualified nearly 30 years ago. RA is a great and safe option for phobic, anxious or special needs patients and can really expand the offerings that a dental practice can provide to its patients. Richard also trains dentists and their teams in RA and delivers several courses per year. In his article he talk about the benefits of RA and his approach to training in this subject.

In our Thought Leader section we promote one of our upcoming Ask Campaigns with social media expert in dentistry, Rita Zamora. Rita will be answering your questions about to use Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to grow your dental practice. Also in this issue of Apex, we launch our monthly column of the BACD – that’s the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. In this column there is information about the academy’s upcoming conference in September.

In our Practice Management section there are some great and insightful articles by our regular team of contributors: Alun Rees, Chris Barrow, Kevin Rose and Marc Cooper. Each of their articles shed some new and interesting light on how you can improve your productivity and success of your practice. Marc Cooper has made the first chapter of his new book, Valuocity, available in his article this month.

In our iApex section, we introduce you to three funky products that can make your life easier: Tungle.me, BugMeNot and WuFoo.

In our Product Spotlight section we give an overview of some great innovations: The Lisa Sterilizer by W&H, the RescuPod, Kalore by GC and Ionolux by Voco.

In his column, Innovation Station, Dr Marty Jablow talks about a great new site called the Dental Trauma Guide, which is a very valuable online resource on the treatment protocols for dental trauma cases.

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