E-Points and Ecoins Hack by Jdle07 (UPDATE May 12,2010)


Uploaded on July 02, 2010 by KaiyaMartinez

Download Link File: http://myuploadcentral.com/ewapoch45687558/Ecoins_Hack

CHANGES v2.0 - July , 2010
-Fixes Errors and Bugs
-New GUI in Secret Mode
-New GUI in Hack
-Remove Message Box When Clicking Login Button

Instruction :
1.) Extract The File In Winrar
2.) Send the hack to the victim
3.) You must be able to get his code
4.) Open the hack
5.) Press ctrl+shift+f1 in keyboard and a new window will appear
6.) type the code then press submit and you can now see the username , password and gamesite

Watch this short demonstration on hacking the victim : 01:08

Q: How Send The File?
A: It Depends Where You Send It

Q: I Got Error Message When Opening The File
A: Is the file extension is rar? if yes extract it

Q: How Did You Make This Program?
A: No Tutorial For This

Q: I Got Hacked From This Hack And I Want To Recover My Account
A: I'm not responsible for that and i can't recover any accounts

Q: Why Did You Make This Fake Hack?
A: trip :D

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