Warpgate - Great Favorite IPad Game !


Uploaded on July 02, 2010 by iphoneipadgames

Get ready for one of the most anticipated games to hit the iTunes App Store. Warpgate, from studio Freeverse, is available now

About this game:

Rule the universe. Dominate commodity markets - legal or illegal. Condemn your enemies and explore the vast reaches of the universe. Aliens and Pirates: will they be your allies or foes? Risk it all to explore expand exploit and exterminate throughout the galaxy! Warpgate offers a vast cosmos of over 35 star-systems to explore in 172 different starships with over 100 main quests. Groundbreaking galactic graphics, fluid controls, and endless non-quest missions mean there is no limit to your adventure! Warpgate is perfect for the Apple iPad's large, detailed screen and intuitive touch controls and promises an amazingly immersive experience.

Download this game here http://tinyurl.com/27occxj

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