How to Get the New Xbox 360 Slim 250gb for FREE !!

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Link here : *******tinyurl****/newxbox3604free You can also get many other items for free, not just an Xbo...
Link here : *******tinyurl****/newxbox3604free You can also get many other items for free, not just an Xbox 360 like a Nintendo Wii, PSP GO, or anything you like of Amazon for free. If you are skeptical, like I was just watch one of the many FreebieJeebies proof videos on Metacafe Step 1. Sign up for FreebieJeebies with your real details, *******tinyurl****/newxbox3604free Step 2. Confirm the Email from FreebieJeebies and click 'Offers' Step 3. Choose a Free Offer, I recommend LoveFilm. (LoveFilm steps: First sign up through the link on FreebieJeebies and choose the 3.99 offer, then add about 10 DVD's to your rental list, as soon as you get your first DVD, remove the other rentals as this will stop LoveFilm from sending you any more DVD's, then send the DVD back to them for free. After You have the offer marked as completed on FreebieJeebies you can then cancel your account with LoveFilm, and it was all completely free! even the postage suprisingly.) Step 4. Refer all of your friends and get referrals any way you can to get the referrals for your new Xbox 360 Slim 250gb. Any questions comment or PM me, enjoy the free stuff!!