Naked Yoga School Video: Flowing Warrior

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*******NakedYogaSchool**** (All Levels) We begin with Chaturanga. The Chaturanga is a flowing series of fo...
*******NakedYogaSchool**** (All Levels) We begin with Chaturanga. The Chaturanga is a flowing series of following poses: Upward Mountain into Forward Bend into Downward Plank into Upward Dog into Downward Dog into Forward Bend into Upward Tree. Do this series at your own pace. Next we will move into the Flowing Warrior Series. First will be Chaturanga into Proud Warrior Pose on left/right leg. Second will be Chaturanga into Lunging Warrior on left/right leg. Third will be Chaturanga into Bound Warrior on left/right leg. You may need a Yoga Belt for this pose. Fourth will be Chaturanga into Balancing Warrior on left/right leg. If you raise your arms and rising leg at the same time, it will aid your balance and help produce a stronger Balancing Warrior Pose. We will do one last final Chaturanga then conclude this session with a much needed Child's pose. These asanas done naked helps you move through them in a freer state of body, mind and soul. In this video you will learn the following asanas: Chaturanga (Flow Series), Chaturanga + Virabhadrasana I/Proud Warrior / Chaturanga + Virabhadrasana II/Lunging Warrior / Chaturanga + Baddha Virabhadrasana/Bound Warrior / Chaturanga + Virabhadrasana III/Balancing Warrior (Flowing Warrior Series), Chaturanga (Flow Series).