Worldwide Laser UV Laser Marking Plastic with Color


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LP900U UV laser marking for laser marked color contrast without additves
The UV series of laser marking systems are perfect for laser marking many different materials from packaging supplies, food containers, acrylic and plastic parts, and wood. In this article we concentrate on use of the LP9000U series of 355nm lasers for laser marking & laser etching design, pattern, bar codes, and text on plastic,leather and Vinly. The laser marking of these materials is accomplished with a fixed beam delivery system and x-y table., or with a a gavlo head beam delivery. The UV laser provides color contrasting laser marking without the use of any additives, the color laser marking is non removalbe and in most cases will not damange teh surface of the parts or materials being laser marked, leaving them smooth and clean to the touch see
all ink, chemnical and Debris, dust, and air born particulate generally associated with mechanical cutting methods are eliminated providing a green eco friendly manufacturing alternative to industry
Worldwide Laser proivides fiber, nd:yag, co2, and UV laser sytems, along with parts, repairs and refurbished Lumonics laser mark series 920 to 960

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