Have You Stopped to Consider Why You Have Trouble Sleeping?


Uploaded on July 04, 2010 by Jason Wise

Why do you easily fall asleep but wake up again at 3am?Even if you are so tired you forget to turn off the TV, you still are up in the middle of the night.Why? Whether it will be a peaceful nights\\\' sleep or a restless one, what determines and what can you do to control it?<br /><br />Your insomnia could be the result of something physical, such as caffeine in the late afternoon, but could be emotional as well.The good news is that even solutions less simple than cutting back on caffeine, such as resolving emotional issues that keep you from sleeping, have easy solutions as well.<br /><br />Unresolved events that have occurred throughout the day, often are what stir you awake at night.While during the day great success might have prevailed you on moving tasks around on your to-do list, or in your mind, while asleep, you subconsciously begin to search solution of problem and figure out where they should go.This begs the question of how one puts subconscious worries into consciousness before falling asleep.

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