How To: Sink Food & Garbage Disposal Cleaning (RichardStep)


Uploaded on July 04, 2010 by RichardStephenson

I detail how to safely (and not so much) clean an in-sink, food/garbage disposal unit. Check out the video:

Here's the English transcript:

Hi. This is Richard Stephenson at and I have bad news for you.

Your garbage disposal is nasty.

No matter how much you think you got it clean, unless you've done what I am about to show you, it is still dirty, nasty, and just plain yucky.

So get ready for the ride here. Come on!

Alright, so the basic gist of this is to throw a ton of ice and just enough water to break off all of the junk on the sidewall and the blades of the disposal to create some type of mungy, nasty, chunky, disposal volcano of funk.

First and foremost, be safe. Use a wooden utensil or paint stirrer, remove the rubber grommet, find out where your disposal trip button is or circuit breaker ahead of time.

*Disposal locks up*

Uh oh... and that my friends is an example of what NOT to do.

Tripped it... so use some water... and my wife wanted to add: "DUH".

Woops. There we go. Come on... COME ON... COME ON!!! You can do it! I think she's angry!!!

That's how you get a clean disposal

Be safe, clean that thing, and see you later. Stop by the blog, comment, vote, all that good jazz. Bye.

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