Affidavit of Execution Affidavit of Attestation (One Witness)

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Need an Affidavit of Execution or Attestation for Ontario? This legal form can be purchased on This video is just a sneak peak of the video guide that comes with an Affidavit of Execution (One Witness) which can be purchased at This legal form can be used by one party to swear or affirm before a Commissioner for taking affidavits that they witnessed the signing of another document, which is attached to this Affidavit as Exhibit "A". All of's legal forms are lawyer-prepared, simple to read, easy to customize, and only a fraction of the price a lawyer would charge. Also, each legal form comes with a FREE VIDEO GUIDE (watch a useful example of how this legal form can be customized), a FREE DL GUIDE (read helpful information about this legal form), and another FREE DL GUIDE that sheds valuable insight into how legal forms can be challenged. What are you waiting for? Go to Best of all, if you DO need a lawyer and need some legal advice, simply make a post and get FREE quotes from Ontario lawyers focusing on the area of law you require!

This information and this sample video guide is NOT legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. If you need an Ontario lawyer, go to and make a post.

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