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Funeral Services in the Denver Area

There are a range of options for those requiring funeral services in the Denver Colorado area. There are approximately forty-six businesses offering funeral and/or cremation services in the city. A historical treasure as well as a quality provider of funerary services, the Fairmount Mortuary and Cemetery was founded in 1890 to serve the needs of Denver citizens, and is the city's second oldest cemetery. The cemetery is approximately 280 acres in area, and is located within a stunningly beautiful nature preserve of mixed coniferous and deciduous forestation. Home to thousands of species of flora and fauna, such as deer, owl, fox, and eagle, the preserve features several trails and is popular as a hiking destination. Many of Denver's most notable pioneer citizens are interred here. Funeral services for any faith can be had from Fairmount, and cremation, interment, and above ground interment in mausoleums are all available. For those whose belief or personal preference runs towards simple cremation, there are a number of businesses that specialize in that service operating in the Denver area, such as All States Cremation. For a flat fee of $1295, they handle all you needs, with no hidden costs. Shalom Funeral Service was founded over a ten years ago at the request of several prominent Rabbis to meet the needs of Denver citizens of the Jewish faith. Shalom was founded to uphold the Judaic traditions of honoring the dead and comforting the living while remaining focused on Jewish tradition. Their Taharah and Shomer facilities are Rabbinically approved. These facilities are kept according to kosher law and are exclusively reserved for use by persons of Jewish faith. The offer a range of services which are respectful to all branches of Jewish belief. The Funeraria Latina of Denver has been serving the needs of Denver's growing Hispanic Community for only a short time, but already have established themselves as the premier provider of funeral service for the city's Latin community. Their staff is fully bilingual and sensitive to the cultural needs of families from various Hispanic traditions. They also are fully equipped to handle requirements for transfer of remains outside of the United States for internment. This provides a cross section of the many businesses serving funeral needs in Denver. Whatever your beliefs or preference in your time of grief, there is a provider equipped to serve you in beautiful and diverse modern Denver.

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