Social Media : Why Australia Leads in Social Media Usage


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* Australia leads the world in social media engagement, with the highest global average for time spent per month engaging with social media, averaging over seven hours per month
* In contrast to many countries, Australians look to communities of interest such as parenting or sports sites as a key channel for social media discussion – 62 percent of Australian Internet users visited a message board or forum in 2009.
* LinkedIn has seen one of the fastest growth trends amongst social media sites in Australia, with unique audience numbers increasing by 99 percent from July 2009 to May 2010

Participation in Social Media and Interactive Marketing is no longer revolutionary. It's crucial. In 2009, companies with dedicated social media activity boosted sales by over 18%, while those with minimal or no presence saw a 6% decrease. As 2010 marks a shift in consumer mentality from recession to recovery, companies must adjust their strategies according to how customers make purchasing decisions.

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