Driving Simulator 2010 Download (Free)


Uploaded on July 16, 2010 by PearlGolden23

Download Link File: http://gofreeupload.com/JemesBuddyfulb5687558/Simulator

How to install
1. Unpack/Extract

2. Mount image or burn it

3. Install game

4. Play the game

Game Description

Get behind the wheel of your car and hit the roads for an exciting and eventful drive through a fictitious city. In Driving Simulator you master the most diverse and realistic traffic situations without breaking the law. A variety of vehicles of all sizes are at your disposal and thanks to the different camera angles you always have a complete overview whether you are in a compact car or a limousine.

During different missions you must complete the most diverse tasks. Thanks to the mod friendly game platform you are able to download vehicles from the internet and integrate them to your game providing you with the possibility to create your own missions.

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