ACME PHONE LEADS What In The Heck Is Pay Per Call? Get Answers…


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Pay Per Call is now available inside the FREE Acme People Search Super Affiliate Platform. Tissa Godavitarne has added a very valuable income stream to the Acme People Search Platform. Many Gurus and Super Affiliates will be talking advantage of this power and new way to do affiliate marketing. Pay Per Call will revolutionize the affiliate marketing world. No longer will you be limited to the Internet for affiliate commissions you can make money and affiliate commissions with offline marketing strategies.

Who Can Be Successful With Pay Per Call???


You are marketing a phone number so all types of marketing tactics work!!!

Flyers, FREE Classifieds Ads, Newspapers, Cork Boards, Apartment, Grocery Stores, Malls, There are so many new opportunities with Pay Per Call.

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