ACME PHONE LEADS Help Real Estate Professionals & Small Business [HD]


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Acme Phone Leads Lifetime Affiliate Jason Dandridge Walks You Through Some Neighborhoods In Moreno Valley California. Jason is showing you the possibilities with Tissa Godavitarne’s Newly Introduced Income Stream for the Acme People Search Super Affiliate Platform. This NEW income stream is Pay Per Call. Pay Per Call will allow group of talented affiliate marketers drive traffic to toll free phone numbers in exchange for commissions. Everyone will win!!! The Real Estate Professionals Will Get Leads and Buyers for their Homes for sale and Other Service Industry Professionals Will Acquire New Customers!!

Who Can Be Successful With Pay Per Call???


You are marketing a phone number so all types of marketing tactics work!!!

Flyers, FREE Classifieds Ads, Newspapers, Cork Boards, Apartment, Grocery Stores, Malls, There are so many new opportunities with Pay Per Call.

Do you have questions? Visit My Blog and We Can Connect!!!

Jason Dandridge – Acme People Search LifeTime Member

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