Six Tips for Good Online Video Scripts for AWAI's Video Contest

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Award-winning videographer and author of" Marketing With Video Online for Profit," Jessica Kizorek,...
Award-winning videographer and author of" Marketing With Video Online for Profit," Jessica Kizorek, gives you six tips for creating good online video scripts for AWAI's "New Hopes, New Goals, New Life" Video Contest. Visit www.awaionline**** to learn more! 1.Stay Focused Before you turn the camera, think of three things you want to get across. Spontaneity is great, but you want to be clear and focused with what youre communicating. I suggest telling at one specific story a vivid moment in time that truly illustrates how AWESOME your life is because of AWAI. 2.Start with a Good Hook As all of you copywriters know, if you want peoples attention you need to hook it. Similar to a headline and lead, the first 10 seconds of your video will either grab your prospects attention, or cause them to stop watching and move on to something else. Say something gripping, provocative, intriguinganything that will have the viewer lean closer to their screen and wait in anticipation to see the rest of the video. 3.Be Enthusiastic Theres nothing worse than a boring, monotone talking head. So do a couple jumping jacks before you turn the camera on so that your blood is pumping and you look alive! Use your eyes, shoulders and hands to express your excitement! 4.Make Eye Contact Look straight into the camera when you are recording so that the viewer feels as if youre talking directly to them. The Internet is so full of distraction, and its really easy to simply lose interest and close down a video. Capture their attention with your eyes, and keep them engaged in what you have to say by talking directly to them. 5.Illuminate Your Face & Speak up! Grab a light and illuminate your face. This will bring your features to life, and keep peoples eyes on you rather than anything in the background. For this type of video (you talking to the camera), you want to get pretty close so your face fills up the screen. Use a good microphone theres nothing I find more annoying than struggling to hear. Make it easy for people to see and hear you, because thats where youll tap into maximum impact. 6.Keep it Short The online attention spans last about 2-3 minutes. Get to the point, say it with pizzazz, and then let me go back to what I was doing. For more information about American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), visit the website at *******www.awaionline****/