TOEFL IBT Vocabulary Part 3: Idioms and Phrasal Verbs


Uploaded on July 21, 2010 by mbuckhoff1965 By presenting, explaining the definition, and demonstrating how to contextually use them, Michael Buckhoff and his students shed light on the following expressions: on one's toes, to watch one's step, to watch what one says or does, to see eye to eye, to have in mind, to keep in mind, for once, to go off, to grow out of, to make the best of, to cut off, to cut out

The following royalty free songs in this video, "Grand Station" (transition song # 1), "The Majestic" (transition song # 2), and "Wow" (transition song # 3), are owned and produced by Mike Stewart(, who gave me explicit permission to use them in this video.

The video background was created from Open Office, a software program I purchased last year.

The students Jeong-Moon, Jee Yoon, and Ho-Lim, all of whom are seen in this video, are attending California State University, San Bernardino and have given me permission to record them and post this video in a public domain.

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