The Bandini™ Bra -- Must See to Believe


Uploaded on July 22, 2010 by BarelyThere

Tired of ordinary bras that limit your wardrobe choices causing a daily outfit crisis? Tired or bras that are even too restrictive for Houdini? It's time to try the The Bandini™ Bra Free yourself from same old same old. The Bandini™ Bra can be worn in so many ways! In fact, it is estimated that in every 7.35 seconds a new way to wear The Bandini™ Bra discovered. The Bandini™ Bra is all one piece. No sharp hooks or clasps to irritate and it comes in a rainbow of colors so you can layer them to customize your look. Try doing THAT with any other bra. The Bandini™ Bra is the ultimate wardrobe accessory!

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