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Uploaded on July 26, 2010 by StephenRachelify

Download Link File: http://gofreeupload.com/DorisDBarrowify456547/ADOBE_CS5
I was feeling like having an extremely old software...
I found this photoshop version at http://gofreeupload.com/DorisDBarrowify456547/ADOBE_CS5 and I felt like trying it...
When I first opened it I was disappointed and impressed at the same time! I tough: "There are almost no functions! Where's the 'liquify'", but then I tough "Wow, for a 1990s software is very good, look at that magic selection tool and all those filters! Sweet....". The most confusing moment of my life!

Anyway: If anyone wants to download:
- Hope u have an XP-32
- You need a serial. I know where to find it but I don't wanna get arrested, so I will give you the website in a discrete way (spacebar=dot): www keygen in
If you get that serial it's your problem, not mine. HEARD THAT YOUTUBE?
- Observation: The easiest program to hack in the world. Once again, it's your problem.
- Do not expect a fancy software, this is an ugly and nonfunctional tool.
- This is the oldest version of ps u'll ever find for pc. (The oldest one is for Mac Classic only)

Hope u enjoy! Plz comment and rate.

Video settings: HD Ready (1280x720p); 15,0000 frames per second / fps; Uploaded in Sony AVC (.mp4); Audio: AAC 44.100Hz
Recorded with Camtasia Studio 7.
OS: 1st: Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit; 2nd: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Software (edit): Sony Vegas Pro 9.0e 64-bit

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