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Published 28 Jul 2010
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You have already voted for this video. Ethcathinon... Ethcathinone is mainly used as legal high, it is a stimulant drug with euphoric properties. It is commonly used like XTC or sometimes like amphetamine, small dosages are used for stimulation and higher dosages for recreational usage.  Ethcathinone is a research chemical, this means data is limited and long term side-effects are also unknown.  Ways of administration and dosages  The common ways of administration are swallowing and insufflating. Ethcathinone is pretty agressive to the nasal mucosa, therefore insufflating is not recommended. A common dosage is 50-100 mg if insufflated, if taken orally the common dosage is 100-200 mg. Beginners should test low dosages first, to check individual response on ethcathinone.
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