Nikola Tesla Single Wire Transmission


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Nikola Tesla demonstrated the capability to transmite power over one wire. I have shown that here.<br /><br />It really is feasible by generating longitudinal impulses that are unidirectional and do not change direction, which flow over a single wire without a return wire needed.<br /><br />This demonstration shows the one wire transmission or single wire transmission from a single long wire from a radiant oscillator that generates longitudinal impulses at high frequency.The impulses are received by an AC cap with a half bridge connected to it. An SCR is connected between this cap and a DC photoflash cap. The SCR is triggered by a neon bulb. When the voltage is at the neon bulb votage, the SCR is triggered an the AC cap dumps the charge from the single wire transmission to the DC cap showing that it can be indeed possible to charge a capacitor from only 1 wire going to it rather than two, which is conventionally thought to be the only way.<br /><br />After the DC cap is charged up, I short that cap to show a spark from it being short circuited proving that it does indeed hold a specific amount of genuine charge which is capable of powering a genuine load. <br /><br />Here is additional information at

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