Sha's Car Crash Recreated in Google Sketchup Animated HQ

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WATCH IT IN HQ. It looks amazing I was involved in a car crash on Oct 2nd 2008. Now I clearly had a green ...
WATCH IT IN HQ. It looks amazing I was involved in a car crash on Oct 2nd 2008. Now I clearly had a green light although no kind soul was there to help be a witness. All the cars just passed by me too busy to help out someone in need. I was bleeding from glass cuts and had some back injury which progressively got worse. Now my insurance company tells me that the guy who ran the red light actually claimed that he had a green light. Of course anything to put doubt into the insurance companies eyes and consider both parties had some equal faults. I personally hate to see the guy get away with stating that he had the green light. Now the main issue was believing someone is to take their word. Anyone can lie and fabricate... so I pretty much feel like an innocent man charged for murder. No one can just believe one side wholly. I could not forget that day as it was pretty much embedded in my dreams while I sleep, my day dreams as I ponder and my nightmares. So I thought I would create a CG animation of the encounter. The animation was done on Google Sketchup 7 using layers for a quick and dirty method. I apologize for the rushed production quality as I had to rush it to show it to a Digital Media department head. Since I was in probation due to my poor performance in courses for the previous semester. I hope you enjoy this video and consider recreating your bad accidents. This is for your record and to give everyone else around you a perspective for your encounter. Also please I urge anyone who has witnessed a car crash to stop and help the people involved. Take your judgment of who was at fault and help someone who was innocent in the matter. Your help could go a long way. My car is the green civic LX 2003 on the right lane heading north of Van Wyke expressway. The car that hit me was heading down 101st ave. This took place in New York City, Queens The song is: "The Storm Begins" by Jennifer Haines