Journey - Dont Stop Believing


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Don't Stop Believin'
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Journey - Revelation (Disc 1) Track List:
1. Never Walk Away
2. Like a Sunshower
3. Change for the Better
4. Wildest Dream
5. Faith in the Heartland
6. After All These Years
7. Where Did I Lose Your Love
8. What I Needed
9. What It Takes to Win
10. Turn Down the World Tonigh
11. The Journey (Revelation).

Journey - Revelation (Disc 2) Track List:
1. Only The Young (Re-Recorded)
2. Don't Stop Believin' (Re-Recorded)
3. Wheel in the Sky (Re-Recorded)
4. Faithfully (Re-Recorded)
5. Any Way You Want It (Re-Recorded)
6. Who's Crying Now (Re-Recorded)
7. Separate Ways (Re-Recorded)
8. Lights (Re-Recorded)
9. Open Arms (Re-Recorded)
10. Be Good To Yourself (Re-Recorded)
11. Stone In Love (Re-Recorded).

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