Aruba Nationhood Suppressed Anthony J Hilder

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“Form a Free World Alliance...that is our strength against the United Nations. A World Free is not United, A World United is not Free. I spoke to a black gentleman over here … and I went over and he gave me his card....and I found out he was from The Aruba Tribe, the Clan, the linguistic nation group in Nigeria which has 40 million people. Its about half the size of England. They are suppressed, and I said I want to do an interview with you....Let us recognize their linguistic nation-state.....Let us all recognize them now. “ Anthony J Hilder

Join Anthony Hilder in the Free World Alliance to recognize the right of people around the world to free of Tyranny Suppression and Control and form their own nation states around their own tribal and linguistic groups. It is far easier for World Government to control large combined groups of different peoples than small nations. What we have to do is to recognize what is happening and then stop cooperating with the forces that want to centralize dictatorial control over us.

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