Dr Tahir Ul Qadri Zero to Hero


Uploaded on August 05, 2010 by dawaeHaqq

Open Eyes A beggar on road romeo analysised the soft corner of muslim community, and started his carrier with falls dreams, and playing with sentiments.
Now watch his status, and position.
Talking on CNN and BBC.
Think of quadri before 20 years. A road romeo now a hero
The property of Sabaha Ikram Auliya Allah And Immam was when they get too much of this world the weep and cry thinking that, Is Allah giving his mounties of our good deeds in this world itself? What will we have in here after.
Every prophet says his throme and estate is in hereafter.
but shaik ul islam forgot all those teachings.
What he preaches doesnt digest or doesnt went down his throath.
open eyes. Open eyes. open eyes

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