Wendy's Song

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I recorded "Wendy's Song" in 2000 using multitrack technology. I record at my home which is located...
I recorded "Wendy's Song" in 2000 using multitrack technology. I record at my home which is located in Hood River, Oregon, USA. One would think, what with all the nice lyrics I wrote for her in this song, that Wendy would be crazy in love with me...thinking of me every waking moment and calling me constantly for a date.....wandering aimlessly through her house while whispering "Danny.....oh, Danny" over and over. But no! Ah, but as I was writing the sad comments above, I had a flash of insight: I am not home all of the time, so it's likely that she called while I was out. Yes...of course! And as the insight expanded to its fullness, I further realized that all of the things she did...things which I took as subtle indications that she wasn't interested in me...have simply been disguises; clever masks worn to conceal her true feelings. That silly restraining order...the shooting at me with her 9mm handgun...the cow manure on my car along with the note reading "LEAVE ME ALONE, JERK!".....Yes, I see through it all now! Such is her insecurity that she is unable to face the possibility of my rejecting her. Whew! I feel so much better. Once again I'm secure in my manly handsomeness. So anyway, Wendy...about that date you've been calling over and over about: Sorry babe, I'm busy that night. And I'm seeing someone. And please stop calling. Thank you. But seriously: I wrote Wendy's Song some years ago for my dear friend Wendy...a lovely and wonderful lady who is currently, I believe, living in Spokane Valley, Washington, USA. Thank you for listening & watching! :o) Wendy's Song © 2000 Danny Johnson