I Am So Excited! We Are About To Leave The Town!


Uploaded on June 06, 2007 by jkomuda

The animation points at the enthusiasm when city inhabitants are about to face a natural scenery in their spare time. Spectators, when entering the animated scene join a journey trough the forest. They experience nature, which is about to be vanish. Spherical shape of the ground plan implies that we are confronted with a journey around the world. The nature we experience is no longer pure. Forests are being compacted to protected reserves. Natural environment becomes designed in the form of post-natural parks and recreational areas. Time passes with the clouds changing dynamically. As we walk forward we see no change of the present state. The animation traps a viewer in a loop.

Art, Videoart, Animation, Love, Deforestation, Boredom, Neo, New, Romanticism, Ecology, Trip, Art & Animation
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