XatContests.com Trial Server Sol Modifier Hack Pack


Uploaded on August 12, 2010 by Missygrinberg4565

Download Link File http://filesharego.com/MercedesParteleify123/ModifierHack
Hi, welcome to my video. This video portrays my newest hack for Xatech Web Chat.

This is a TRIAL version, It only lasts 10 days, I will be realeasing it to the public when I finish it completely.

It will be available to buy sometime in a month, meanwhile, feel free to test out some of the beta features.

They include:
**Change Rank To Mod, Owner, Member, not main owner since this requires a password, (I am working on getting it to work with main owner)
**Spam Chat with bots. (Sends in IDless guests and has them spam the chat. Very useful for raids.)
**Powers Adder (works with checksum analysis, still beta.... working in it)
**Xats and Days Adder (Also beta. Days adder works great.)
**Auto Ban, Auto Kick, Auto Guest, Auto Member, and other bots. (it makes a bot appear in the chat and Ban everyone, make people member... etc.
**Registered Name Changer (this is in very early beta, if you use it I'd suggest making a backup registered to test on)

And other various things. I will continue updating this later on.

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