PS3 - Easiest MW2 10th Prestige Hack After Any Patch - DOWNLOAD

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Here is the download link for ps3 patch blocker and the hack files: *******fileups****/1963c5 2) Extra...
Here is the download link for ps3 patch blocker and the hack files: *******fileups****/1963c5 2) Extract "PS3" with whatever you want, but leave it in the folder setup it is in! 3) Copy 10th prestige folder "PS3" to a hard drive or flash drive 4) Plug it into your ps3 and copy the two files (Hack and GSY) on your ps3 Hackage: 1) Start up the patch blocker that you just downloaded, sometime the IP already there is the same (maybe always?) but just to make sure open up your handy dandy cmd prompt (StartRuncmd) 2) Type in "ipconfig" and find your ip address (192.168.x.x should look like this) 3) Copy that Ip into the patch blocker 4) Go to your PS3 and change the network by using custom and leave everything the same except when you get to proxy, "use proxy" and make the IP the one in your patch blocker, and the port "8080". DON'T CLICK TEST! *very important* 5) Exit out of this and go to the game data utility and find the Modern warfare 2 file and delete it 6) At this point start up "patch blocker" and start up MW2, *you should have not signed in yet* 7) Go to Online and sign in/load up your stats (make sure they're loaded) 8) Go to split screen load up "Hack", then exit out *you will get an error* 9) Go to Lan Game, then Barracks and Prestige *you will get another error* 10) Go back to Split screen, load up "GSY", exit out of Split screen 11) Go to "Online" and then Prestige again 12) You should now be 10th Prestige level 1!!! Congrats if you are! Testing Your New Prestige 1) Exit of of MW2 and change your Network Setting to "no proxy", download the update and go back online. 2) You should now be 10th prestige (with update!) and can play on! If you have trouble ill do the hack for you for free if you get 5 of your freinds to subscribe to our channel including yourself.