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Exodus 19:19 "And there occurred the sound of a ram's horn, increasing in volume to a great degree....
Exodus 19:19 "And there occurred the sound of a ram's horn, increasing in volume to a great degree." - The battle horns have been sounded - ........."David Icke Was Right About Shapeshifting Reptilians" From firsthighlander1 Dec. 31, 2008 Topmostpop 1 day ago ---- Yay he was right get over it. You people are so slow. Satan came to power in our Solar System on a planet called ***Rahab/Nibiru Psalm 89:10. God cast it out of orbit in the war. Satan was now 4th dimension versus 5th = his body changed = Draconian. Jehovah then made man on a scorched earth in south Turkey. Satan bred with Eve, then beat her severly. Eve gave birth to a REPTILIAN. Yah is lifting the veil to EXPOSE these fallen angels. See my vids and read the descriptions. I'm Special Forces - firsthighlander1 1 day ago Topmostpop --- Thank you my friend. Best Regards! --- Topmostpop 23 hours ago firsthighlander1 --- Download any of my vids - It's not easy or magic. There's a faction of Angelic Warriors involved. The weapon they/we/or you use is in Revelation = A rider with a bow and no arrows = an UNCONVENTIONAL weapon. Some humans will pass through the great tribulation "with palm branches in their hands" Whether they know it or not they'll likely have been in the vicinity of this weapon - boils down to EXPOSING these ANGELS one, and two THIS WEAPON. It's that simple. My vids explain how to make it - firsthighlander1 23 hours ago Topmostpop --- Thank you for this information my friend I will check out your videos, I appreciate your allowing me to download your videos also. Best Regards! vapors420 10 hours ago Topmostpop --- What does special forces have to do with anything? Topmostpop 3 hours ago vapors420 --- S.F. means this is a military message and not intended for Christianity converts. Y? Yah is closing the door to the ark. When it is closed all those outside it will be left reacting to stimuli without a clue as to Satans ruling for 42 months. You can be a thorn in Satans side by preparing NOW or you can watch your child be molested before they come for (you). New Creation is an army under construction, deals with jailing Satan and keeping him their. This is Jehovah's Special Force. vapors420 Topmostpop 50 minutes ago --- That's pretty crazy... What makes you come to these conclusions? R u a witness? Topmostpop 18 minutes ago vapors420 --- Every army has a front line(s), every front line has a cutting edge and every arrow has a tip. What the tip is doing is completely foreign to the cutting edge. The tip is limitied TO AN INDIVIDUAL not an organization. Are you New Creation? THEY are (perplexed) at my actions. They don't question me yet they are higher in station then any Angel. "I AM THE PALE HORSE RIDER" is a quote spoken by an ACTUAL HUMAN on this earth with a bow and no arrows. It is Satan who told me who (I) am. Topmostpop 7 minutes ago vapors420 --- Since we're getting off topic message me. To take my helmet off I'm the worlds best guitarist. My best friend was Eddie Van Halen till I started playing better at which point Fallen Angels smelled something they'd anticipated and did a background check using Bible Codes. They then dressed me in a military outfit and laid their throats back. I just work here I (have) no choice, SATAN has become king and knows he's going to die. But first he will rule for 42 months - bow down. Topmostpop 2 hours ago vapors420 --- ..but just between you and me vapors, I know PRECISELY which terms to employ in getting under Satans skin and this is one of them - ....this video has been entitled "get the question right" - I wonder how many people will now ask ...."what weapon is that Topmostist?" (ist) ***Our Solar System was inhabit by Celestial Angels and (was) 5th dimension. After the war, God "made man in His image" - this infuriated Satan who wanted to be like God. He HATES man. He shape shifted and bred with Eve, however being a Draconian the child, Cane, was REPTILIAN. Did Satan show appreciation towards Eve? The Bible doesn't tell you, afterwards, he beat Eve severly, and used to appear to Adam and Eve when they lived in a cave and torture them and pound their faces with his fists. Now, he is coming back and has GREAT ANGER knowing he will be jailed. I will talk more about Reptilians and their biology in a future vid to help you understand they have a weakness, and it is being exploited by Yah. It's none of your business, we don't need you, enough have been done already... Anything you do now no matter who/what you are will be vengeance on your behalf when they come for you and your children. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE TO GET your PUNCHES IN, if you act it has to be BEFORE Satan's coming to power. Most (most) of you/us/them will die.