Metal Manic Michael System Of A Down Review


Uploaded on August 19, 2010 by MewMichaelX7

Today, I'm reviewing System of a down, (AKA SOAD) a America Metal band from Southern California. They are most widely known for their anti government views in their songs.

System of a Down was quite a scuessfull band, with 5 awesome albums that have managed to win awards and have their songs featured in video games like guitar hero.

System of a Down's style is hard to pin down to one genre, as it combines many genres into its own awesome style. Some songs are experimental, some or alternative and some are pure heavy metal awesomeness. System Of A Down has heavy and fast songs which hit you in the face, from slow and clam songs which are catchy but also interesting to listen to. Overall, System is a must listen to for any fan of metal.

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