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4 League plays similarly to other online Korean and now English games of its nature, such as GunZ and eXteel; however it is somewhat unusual in its particular emphasis on teamwork, and sports, rather than violence aligned perspectives along with the high difficulty in playing. It is a Third Person Shooter, with Four modes of play so far: Touchdown, Deathmatch, Chaser, and Arcade; all, except Arcade, have with either no limits, their own "special" limits, or Sword-Only that restricts users to melee weapons and limited skills.
Players must have at least one weapon and one skill equipped in order to enter a room and play.
Touchdown operates similarly to Capture the Flag, in which two goals are set up on either side of a field. A "Fumbi", which represents a ball of sorts, is placed in the middle. A player must grab the Fumbi and take it to the opposite team's goal in order to score a Touchdown. The Fumbi also quickly drains the SP of the player holding it, which results in the use of skills being disabled until the Fumbi is dropped or the character dies. Passing through a gate or falling off the map will "reset" the Fumbi, which returns it to the starting position.
Team DeathMatch places up to six people on each team, and has the player fight for a set amount of points, or until the time runs out. Death Match fields are characterized by having many destructible objects in the game environment, such as roof-breaking of buildings and crates scattered strategically around the field.
Download Link File: http://filescool.com/TammyRomero20063/April

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