Pakistan Floods Water Seeds of Jihad


Uploaded on August 23, 2010 by SouthAsiaNews

Pakistan, August 23: Floods in Pakistan have affected over 20 million people. Some 17 million acres of agricultural land has been submerged, and more than 100,000 animals have perished. And while the people of Pakistan were struggling to stay afloat, President Asif Ali Zardari, already deeply unpopular, was traveling to France and Britain. Back home, the victims, many of whom have had their homes swept away, complained bitterly about the lack of government help. The emergency-aid worth millions of dollar reached Pakistan but the administration and the army failed to deliver it to the needy. The slow delivery of aid provoked anger among flood victims. The failure of Pakistan administration during the crisis has given an opportunity to Islamic fundamentalists, who have the complete backing of the Pakistan Army, to woo more youth for Jihad.

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