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There are a number of different definitions of tantra from various viewpoints; not all of them necessarily consistent. It is therefore safe to say \\\"Tantra\\\" is an amalgamation of ancient therapeutic pleasurable techniques allowing a mixture of sensual and conventional relaxing bodywork, resulting in a form of heightened sensations and the purest relaxation. <br /><br />Recently launched, A1 Singapore Tantric Therapeutic Visiting Massage Service. A creation of therapies taken from ancient Tantric traditional methods used for centuries in exotic Eastern countries mixed with Western conventional therapeutic methods. <br /><br />Three Certified Massage Therapists have created a designer series of intense therapeutic, stress bursting massage relaxation. Aimed at busy executives <br />this massage does not only ease tension laden areas but also go some way of exciting the mind in a sensual manner. <br /><br />\\\"The variety is endless\\\" said Joshua, “Massage is one of the best ways to promote health and wellness in your life, it is often thought of as a luxury instead of a key element of good health,” “We live in a busy, high stress world and massage has proven to reduce the effects this condition places on our bodies\\\". <br /><br />In creating this breathtaking production of bespoke massage adventure, A1 Singapore Massage have combined known western therapeutic massage such as Swedish, Neuro-muscular massage, with exotic Taoist, Sensual Red Tantra and Kundalini massages including Prostrate massage. The result-Singapore\\\'s ultimate alternative, synergistic stimulating Visiting Massage Service, delivered by some of the finest young therapists in Singapore. The best of both worlds I say\\\". <br /><br />The basic purpose behind massage therapy is to get you relaxed, relieve you of tension or stress and alleviate pain where necessary. A massage process can be explained as relaxation of body muscles and tissues so as to increase oxygen and blood circulation. This is specifically done on parts, which suffer from pain due to stress or loss of circulation. <br /><br />There is no doubt of the physical benefits of western massage techniques however often we need what can best be described as a \\\'massage of the mind and entire body\\\'. A release of the pressure we carry around daily. <br /><br />This is where A1 Singapore Massage have proved a winner since it purport the discovery of new erogenous zones (both mentally and physically) unknown to self prior. <br /><br /> <br /><br />We are naturist masseuses, not prostitutes\\\" said Caroline, on of A1 Singapore Massage stunning masseuses. <br /><br />A1 Singapore Massages are described as, \\\"full nude body manipulation and intense pleasurable stimulation of the entire body and mind\\\" said one delighted client. We are naturist masseuses, not prostitutes\\\" said Caroline, on of A1 Singapore Massage’s stunning masseuses.<br /><br />\\\"Having just had a sample I can personally agree and would recommend it\\\". <br /><br />First class massage pampering pleasure at it\\\'s very best, designed for the adventurous, those who expect and deserve perfection. For Men, Women and Couples requiring an impeccable delivery and mastery of neo-massage. <br /><br />Don\\\'t take my word for it, give A1 Singapore Massage (www.singaporemassage.sg) a call or book online.<br /><br />

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