Shake the Cage [HD]


Uploaded on August 28, 2010 by Dowd Studios

The music video for Shake the Cage off Holes and Hearts self titled debut album. 2009. Produced by Mongrol Records. Video produced by Dowd Studios, Inc.


Holes and Hearts (Casey and Riley Macek)
Katie "Willow" Marcotte (Insane Woman)
Faythe Monbleau (Ghost)
Ilan Marcotte (Ghost)
Janelle Knox (Ghost)
Doug Drysdale (Doctor)

Live concert shot at: LA Hangout (Lutz, FL)
House shot in (Brooksville, FL)

A special thank you to my friends, Holes and Hearts, for allowing me to partake in your endeavor and allowing me to create something I hope will do your song some justice. We love you guys, and wish you all the best!

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