Human Mobile Stage 54M, 2010 Chau Lung Annual Banquet,Lion Dance


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Human Mobile Stage 54M. 2010 Chau Lung Annual Banquet, this is memorial the death of Grand Master Chau Lung who was dead in that day. Banquet organized by: Chung Oi Chau Yen Yee Tong Chau Lung Annual Banquet Committee. Time: 16th August 2010 (Chinese Lunar date: 7th day of Seventh Month of every year); Place: Hong Kong. Other details please refer to Human Mobile Stage 54K.

Video Information
Kung Fu Performance
(1) Performed by Chau Biu Chinese Boxing Association in White T-Shirt with Blue Chinese Characters, black trouser with green waistband.
(1.1) Lee Kwan Yiu – Sai Ping Fist.

(2.) Performed by: Chung Oi Chau ka Chau Tin Chinese Boxing Association in white T-shirt with Black Chinese Characters and black colour trouser. Some performers in
Sport wears.
(2.1) Tsang Shing Wing – Sai Ping Fist.
(2.2) Chang Inn Kit – Small Tiger Fist.
(2.3) Fu Chin Chung – Flower Fist.
(2.4) Chung Lung Wai – Country Fist.

(3) Performed by Lam Cheuk Woon Chinese Martials Gymnasium in white T-shirts with red colour characters, black trousers.
(3.1) Tao Yu Heng – Small Tiger Fist.
(3.2) Wong Wing Woo – Double edges staff combined with single staff skill.
(3.3) Chang Ching Yau – Small and Tiger Fist.
(3.4) Hui Kin Yun – Sai Ping Fist.
(3.5) Wong Kam Tong – Tiger Leopard Fist.

(4) Performed by Italian The Shan Hai Jow Ga Kung Fu Cultural Association in Brown Colour uniform. Team leader: Sifu Elizabeth Bright.

(4.1) Mr. Stefano Venesio – Flower Fist.
(4.2) Mr. Diego Cassino – Small Hung Fist
(4.3) Mr. Andrea Piccolo – Small Tiger Fist
(4.4) Miss Jessica Affanni – Country Pattern Fist
(4.5) Sandu Gheorghica – Tiger and Leopard Fist.
(4.6) Miss Jessica and Mr. Diego – Staff set
(4.7) Sifu Elizabeth Bright – Ten Thousand Pattern Fist
(4.8) Mr. Sandu (Spear) and Mr. Andrea (Single Broadsword) – Spear Vs Single Broadsword.

Other Chau Ka Kung Fu details please refer to Human Mobile Stage Part 1 (Descriptions and comments), length: 5:55.

Human Mobile Stage 54M, 2010 Chau Lung Annual Banquet, Lion Dancing, Kung Fu, Sports
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