Right Here; Rogue/Pyro

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Published 1 Sep 2010
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PAIRING: Pyro/Rogue (AU)

Finally! I've been trying to render this video for...

PAIRING: Pyro/Rogue (AU)

Finally! I've been trying to render this video for months now and I'm happy it finally worked!
Since it's quite old it's not that good and I'm not really satisfied with the outcome.

Rogue is an outsider at Xavier's school. John, who's quite an outcast himself, is the only one who notices how much Rogue suffers because of her mutation. However, she never seemed to notice how he tried to take care of her.
Eventually she's with Bobby and John feels like he isn't needed anymore. He leaves the X-Men to join the Brotherhood and to forget Rogue.
While he's gone, Rogue notices that Bobby is interested in Kitty. She leaves to take the cure so she'll be finally able to touch people. John tries to stop her but she doesn't pay any attention to him like she never did before.
When Rogue returns, Bobby rejects her because he thinks she let the X-Men down even though she got cured for him.
John, who survived the events at Alcatraz, decides to return home. Rogue gets depressed and tries to drown herself. Fortunately John arrives in time at the school to save her.
When he yells at Rogue for being so stupid she finally realizes how John has always been there for her...

Song: Right here by Edwin.
Footage: X-Men 1-3, Darkness, Traveler.


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I neither own the movie nor the song. This video is fan-made and I do not earn any money with it. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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