Ninja Saga - EXP Hack (for Pets)


Uploaded on September 07, 2010 by EddieBean7824

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This Is A Video of a exp hack For pets NOTE: Do an easy misssion or internet,google or firefox will crash! See Yaz.!

Music: Naruto Soundtracks

!. Open Cheat Engine
2.Click the right side upper....
3.i am using google it's okay to use..
4.type the exp of ur pet in cheat engine then first scan
5. if 1 or 2 result chosse then all then change the value to 900k (my exp is high) some thing then the exp will be magic NOTE: (IT WILL NOT LVL UP GO TO KAGE ROOM AND FINSH SOME EASY MISSIONS)
7. Then oyur pet's exp is lvl 100+

thanks for watching

NOTE: (Do NOT do this cheat always do this if it's nessessarry)

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