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http://www.mpbtoday.com/mycash 603-588-6747 Dennis Marchand. MPB Today is an online supermarket located in Florida. To expand it services to other states, this company is selling $200 grocery vouchers that can be redeemed for non-perishable groceries from their Florida store but you will pay for the cost of shipping.
What's exciting is that you can trade this voucher for a $200 Walmart gift card that you can use in your local area when you refer 2 people to take advantage of this service who each also refer 2 people. When this happens, MPB Today will compensate you with an additional $300 payable to you in a company check.
If you can't find 2, or your 2 can't find 2, the $200 voucher is still valid for you to purchase non-perishable groceries from the Florida store plus you the cost of shipping.
As a member on our MPB Top Team, we offer leadership, training and support to help you succeed.

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