Scion Radio 17 Host EP Trailer: Max Glazer "Federation Invasi... [HD]


Uploaded on September 07, 2010 by SCION RADIO 17

Since Federation Sound was founded in 1999, this trans-Caribbean crew has always looked for new ways to present artists to a broader audience. The chief criteria for them to get behind an artist is that they support the music in a natural, unforced way. For the “5 the Hard Way” EP, Federation co-founder Max Glazer selected a spectrum of artists in various stages of their careers. It’s a tightly curated collection of artists that Glazer believes in—and as you can hear, all with good reason.

1. Mr. Lexx - Brand New Ride
2. Ricky Blaze - Goodbye
3. Terro 3000 - Gyal Dem Waah Mi (Super Dub Mix)
4. TNT (Timberlee, Natalie Storm & Tifa) - Downtown Girls
5. Redddaz - Fi Di Ladies

This exclusive collection will be available for free download beginning September 2nd, 2010 at:

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