10th Prestige Hack+Codes+Tutorial


Uploaded on September 08, 2010 by DeliaHawkins7614

Download link here: http://startfilesave.com/Jamar4511/10th_Prestige_Hack_Codes_Tutorial

1. Plug ure usb into your ps3

2 go to save data utility,open it up

3 copy the cod4 save onto your usb flash drive.

4 delete the save after you copied it to your usb (delete it from saved data utility ) (dont delete it from the usb)

5. then go to game data utility and delete the cod4 save (s) There-

6 plug ure usb into your computer

7 look for the file that says PS3

8 open the PS3 file, keep opening till u get to GPADO_MP GPADO_CM and some other files that u wont need.

9. open GPADO_MP with notepad (right click,open with notepad)

10. delete everything in it (right click select all,delete)

11.copy and paste this to GPADO_MP

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