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Keith Pfeifer always felt that in order to truly impact the future of a generation, it is necessary to first train its students to become independent thinkers and leaders who will use public education as a conduit for expression, cooperation and positive expansion. A Vietnam veteran, Mr. Pfeifer ventured into education as a way of paying tribute to peers and friends who lost their lives in the war. He believed that preparing young people for the future was a patriotic duty integral to America’s continuing as one of the world’s great nations. This conviction has defined his efforts as an educator for the last 37 years.

An avowed continuous adult learner, Mr. Pfeifer earned a doctorate in educational administration and organization from The Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree in special education from the University of Northern Colorado, and a bachelor of arts in political science and history from Hiram College. He frequently attends conferences hosted by his professional associations to exchange ideas on new developments within the public school system.

Visit Mr. Pfeifer’s website at for more information about this lifelong educator.

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