Internet Online Marketing Dubai, Website Design Spokesperson

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*******www.livemarketingonweb**** We are proud to say that our service is original and unique in the U.A.E....
*******www.livemarketingonweb**** We are proud to say that our service is original and unique in the U.A.E. region and we guarantee that LIVE MARKETING will increase interactiveness and attractiveness of your website. In this day and age of rapidly advancing technological achievements, potential clients are more educated and savvy then ever before and are constantly looking for new and improved services. Therefore a proactive approach is a must in a constant battle for customer attention and LIVE MARKETING on WEB have proven to be the best online call-to-action marketing tool. LIVE MARKETING person technology installation does not require and modifications to your existing website structure, thus minimizing expenditure, and can be installed quickly and efficiently to put you at the forefront and give you an edge in a constant battle for customer attention. To give you a better idea of what LIVE MARKETING technology entices and what it could mean as a part of your interactive marketing arsenal, you can find a link at the bottom of this page to one of our current projects. Tell Me The Benefits! You have only a few seconds to grab your visitor's attention so that they will stay on your site. Will they stay on your site long enough to learn about your products, services, and offers? Most likely they won't unless they immediately see exactly what they are looking for. You can easily employ a live marketing model to speak to all of the visitors to your site. Here are the key benefits of having a LIVE Marketing on Website: • Increase visitor time on site • Increase response rates • Increase your site's conversion rate • Increase your sales • Explain your company's products and/or services • Create a personal connection with all visitors • Direct visitors' attention to appropriate sections or features of your website • Live personality and welcoming message • Help your website to standout and get noticed • Create a more lasting impression ***********/watch?v=n-x45TKRo08 What Exactly Is a Live Marketing? Now you can have a live sales person or greeter walk out onto your web page and deliver your unique message.It utilizes "borderless" technology that seamlessly layers the video image over any site without interfering with the site's normal operations or making any changes to it. There is no download time, no additional software, no play buttons and no site redesign needed. Most all Web Sites just offer text for a person to read about a company and its products. Now, your site can have a real sales person walk out and deliver any type of promo, offer, a "call-to-action", key proposition, or just a simple homepage welcome. Why Use A Live MARKETING person? Studies have shown that most people make a decision to stay or leave within 8 to 10 seconds. And that most visitors do not want to read lots of text. A live marketing will overcome these tendencies for people to leave to soon. A LIVE Marketing will BRING YOUR SITE TO LIVE with personality and panache. It will differentiate your site from all of the others and make it stand out from the rest and leave a positive impression on each visitor. A live marketing will slow visitors down, interact with them, bring to their attention to key points or a promo on your products or services. I am inviting you to contact me with any further queries you might have (I can be reached through email or by telephone on +971 50 150 14 36) to answer any questions regarding our technology and implications it might have for your business. I will be following up with you in the near future to see how you enjoyed our interactive experience and to and to arrange a possible meeting at your convenience to provide you with sample demonstration and further discuss the potential of LIVE MARKETING for your business.